API Reference

Last Updated: 07 September, 2018

The ElasticOCR API follows standard REST nomenclature, and includes predictable methods and HTTP verbs that are easy to understand and implement in your own solution. JSON is returned by all API responses, alongside standard HTTP response codes. All API endpoints and methods are also explained in the OpenAPI Definition.

API Versioning

In the event that backwards-incompatible changes are made to the API, a new version will be released. All requests to the ElasticOCR API must include a version number as part of the request URL (ie: https://us.api.elasticocr.com/v1.0/jobs. Currently, this is version 1.0.


When creating ElasticOCR jobs through the API, you may choose to add additional metadata that is stored with the job, and persists with the job throughout all stages of processing. This is useful if you need to store additional key/value pairs to help identify a job when it is returned back to you. Metadata may only be added when creating a job, and must be sent as a valid URL encoded JSON string. Up to eight (8) metadata properties may be supplied, each with a value no larger than 128 characters.