Configuring Email Processing

Last Updated: 31 August, 2018

The ElasticOCR Email Processing Service allows users to email supported input file types to for processing.

Active Subscribers

For active subscribers of a Silver, Gold or Platinum ElasticOCR subscription, any user that submits content to must be a configured user on an ElasticOCR subscription (see Creating & Managing Users for more information).

The first time a user submits content to the Email Processing Service, a new app is generated within the license for all email processing requests. All email processing jobs will be associated with this app, and will be shown on your monthly invoice under Email Processing. By default, this app will be enabled when it is first created. Disabling this app will disable any email processing (see Creating & Managing Apps for more information).

Trial Users

For users of an ElasticOCR free trial, no configuration is necessary. Emails sent to must originate from the same email address associated with a valid trial license.