Creating & Managing Apps

Last Updated: 15 May, 2018

The ElasticOCR management portal allows you to add, edit, and disable unique apps within your license. Using separate apps for different business units or systems allows you to see a breakdown of each app’s impact on your invoice—much like different phone lines on a phone bill.

Within the “License & Apps” card, you will see a list of all apps within your account, controls to view or edit an app, a switch to toggle an app’s enabled state, a description of the app (along with the language detection for that app), and the last time that app was used.

A "Free Trial" app was automatically created for you when you enrolled in the ElasticOCR trial. You may choose to disable this app and create one or more new apps, or rename this app to have a more meaningful name.

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Viewing an App

To view the details of an app, including the app’s unique App ID, click the View button. Here you can easily copy the App ID, or jump to the edit dialog to make changes to the app.

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Editing an App

The first time you login to your portal, you will see an existing app called “Free Trial”. You can rename this app to a more suitable name or disable it and create new apps.

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To disable this app, simply toggle its “Enabled” state to “Off”. Future requests to the ElasticOCR service using this app will now be rejected.

2018-04-02 09_47_37-ElasticOCR.png

You may also elect to edit the app by clicking the “Edit” button.

2018-04-02 09_48_17-ElasticOCR.png

From the edit dialog you can now change the description and recognition language of that particular app.

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Creating an App

To create a new app, simply click the “Create App” button above the “License & Apps” card.

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Enter a description for the app (such as the business unit that will be using the app, or the system that will be connecting to the app) and select a recognition language. If you know the language of your documents, setting that language typically yields more accurate OCRing of your content, particularly with poorer quality scans—as artifacts in the scan image itself can impact the system’s ability to accurately detect the language of a document when using “Auto”. Once you have completed your entries, click “Create App”.

2018-04-02 09_56_52-ElasticOCR.png

Your new app is now displayed on the “License & Apps” card.