Installing the App

Last Updated: 31 August, 2018

The SharePoint Online app for Office 365 allows you to effortlessly OCR documents stored across your organization's Office 365 environment. This app supports the ad-hoc and/or automatic OCR of documents stored within one or more libraries of an Office 365 site.

Installing the App

Download the latest version of the ElasticOCR app for SharePoint Online and place it in a known path on your computer (ie: Downloads), then navigate to your Office 365 SharePoint Administration center (https://{tenant} and select "Apps" from the left navigation.

2018-04-27 12_00_59-Apps.png

NOTE: If you have not previously created an app catalog, you'll be prompted to do so now. If you already have an app catalog provisioned, skip ahead to installing the app.

Select the option to "Create a new app catalog site", and click OK.

2018-04-27 12_01_29-Manage App Catalog.png

Enter a path for your App Catalog site (ie: /sites/apps), set your timezone, and define the administrator of the App Catalog, then click OK.

Wait for SharePoint to provision the App Catalog site, then open the new app catalog site in your browser.

2018-04-27 12_12_44-Manage site collections.png

From within the App Catalog site, click "Apps for SharePoint" on the quick launch navigation.

2018-04-27 12_13_15-App Catalog - Home.png

Click the Upload button to add the ElasticOCR app.

Click "Choose Files", and use the file browser to locate the ElasticOCR.SharePoint.App app file that you previously downloaded, then click OK.

2018-04-27 12_13_56-Apps for SharePoint - All Apps.png

Once the app has been added, click the Edit icon for the ElasticOCR app to configure additional properties.

2018-04-27 12_14_08-Apps for SharePoint - All Apps.png

Set the following properties to help your users better identify and consume the ElasticOCR app, then click "Save".

Short Description:
The new, modern way to OCR your documents.

Icon URL:

Icon URL Description:

You've now completed the installation of the ElasticOCR SharePoint Online app for Office 365.

Next Steps

Now that the app has been installed, follow the guide to configuring ElasticOCR on any site/subsite that contains content you want to process with ElasticOCR.