Job Life Cycle

Last Updated: 27 September, 2018

Jobs processed within ElasticOCR follow a standardized processing life cycle regardless of whether the job was submitted from an official ElasticOCR integration (such as Office 365 or SharePoint 2013/2016), an extension (such as the ElasticOCR connector for Microsoft Flow or Azure Logic Apps), or a custom development integration using our API. Within our official Office 365 and SharePoint 2013/2016 integrations, the following applies to the creation and management of jobs.

Creating Jobs

Each document you process with ElasticOCR is issued its' own, unique ElasticOCR Job ID. This ID is used to track the status of the job throughout the entire job life cycle. When using our official Office 365 or SharePoint 2013/2016 integrations, a job is automatically created when you submit a file to ElasticOCR when using Automatic OCR, or manually selecting and processing a specific document. These Job IDs are invisible to the end user and are only used internally for tracking the state and status of the job. The following statuses will be displayed to users if "Show OCR Status" has been enabled.

Not Processed

The document has not been processed by ElasticOCR.


ElasticOCR has accepted the job, after being submitted automatically when Auto OCR is enabled, or ad-hoc by a user.


In the case where ElasticOCR has been configured to "Append OCR to Filename" instead of versioning or replacing the existing file, the Processed status indicates that the new file added to the library has been successfully processed by ElasticOCR.


ElasticOCR has completed the job, and delivered the document back to your library.


Throttled indicates that you have exceeded your pages per hour throttle for your license tier. ElasticOCR will automatically attempt to retry the processing of this job once your throttle resets. No user intervention is required if this status is displayed.

Unsupported Media Type

The file is not of a file type that is supported by ElasticOCR.

Processing Error

An error was encountered while processing your job. It has not completed, and will not be counted against your monthly quota.

License Error

Your License ID and/or App ID is no longer valid. This can happen if your App ID is disabled, your license becomes suspended, or your subscription has been cancelled.