Job Statuses

Last Updated: 07 September, 2018

Throughout the lifecycle of a job, a number of status values may be encountered. The listing below explains the order in which various statuses are typically encountered, and the API actions behavior during each state.


A job has been created, but no file has yet been provided for it. These jobs may be deleted, or updated to include a file.


A job has been created, and has a file associated with it, but has not yet been queued for processing. These jobs may no longer be edited, and this is the last opportunity to delete a job before it is picked up by the ElasticOCR processing queue.


A job has been accepted by ElasticOCR and is now queued for processing. At this time, the clock starts on any applicable delivery SLAs. 


A job is now being processed by ElasticOCR. The job status may be monitored by polling the job endpoint.


A job has finished processing and will shortly be made available for download. The job status may be monitored by polling the job endpoint.


A job is now ready to be retrieved. This available date/time is used to determine if a job was processed within applicable SLAs. The Download URL link provided in the job response will only be available until the time indicated in the Download URL Expires property of the job response. Once the file has been successfully downloaded, you must make a follow up call to complete the job.


A job has been marked as completed. Download URLs are now invalidated.


A job was not marked as completed before the download link expired. This job is now archived and the processed document may no longer be retrieved. Purged jobs count against any applicable page quotas or account overages.