Processing Regions

Last Updated: 15 May, 2018

When first creating your ElasticOCR license, you will be asked to identify a processing region for your account. All of our processing regions contain multiple data centers to help ensure the lowest latency and highest availability to our customers.

2018-03-29 08_57_33-ElasticOCR.png

When identifying your processing region, you are deciding on which geographic region will be used to process your documents. Once this selection is made, we will never send your data or documents outside of that region. If you're using one of our native apps, such as our Office 365 app for SharePoint Online, or our SharePoint 2013/2016 solution, your documents will automatically be submitted to the region you have specified in your license. When using our developer API, you must ensure that the correct regional endpoint is used in accordance with the license's processing region selection. Jobs submitted to an incorrect region will be rejected.

Processing regions cannot be changed through the portal once a license has been created. Should you need to change your processing region, please submit a support request.