Service Tiers & SLAs

Last Updated: 13 September, 2018

ElasticOCR offers three tiers of service: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These tiers allow you to select a plan based on your expected needs and page volume. Lower tier plans carry a longer SLA and lower page volume, at a lower monthly price, while higher tier plans provide a faster SLA and higher volumes.




Processing SLA
SLA guaranteed processing time of your jobs.
24 Hours 8 Hours 4 Hours
Page Processing Throttle
Number of pages that may be processed per hour.
200/Hr 1,250/Hr 2,500/Hr
Monthly Page Quota
Number of pages per month that are included for processing without additional charges.
1,000 15,000 50,000
Page Cost
Cost per page billed for pages over the included package quota.
$0.050 $0.033 $0.025
Monthly Base Cost
Base cost billed monthly.
$50.00 $500.00 $1,250.00

Processing SLA

To determine whether a job falls within your processing SLA, we calculate the difference between the available date/time (the time the processed job became available for you to retrieve) and queued date/time (the time our system accepted your job and queued it for processing). Note that there is a small delay of up to five minutes, between the time your document has been submitted and is actually accepted into our processing queue.

Note: A page count restriction applies to the processing SLA. Documents larger than 250 pages will be accepted and processed, but are excluded from the processing SLA and will not be credited back if the SLA is exceeded.

Page Processing Throttle

Each service tier carries a page processing throttle, which limits the number of pages that can enter our processing queue within a rolling sixty minute period. When we begin processing a document that pushes your subscription over your hourly page processing throttle, future attempts to create a job via the API will be rejected. Note that all official ElasticOCR apps and integrations (including our Office 365 app, SharePoint 2013/2016 solution, and custom connector for Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic Apps) all support transparent retrying. In short, end users of the ElasticOCR service should never see a job fail due to exceeding your page throttle. Instead, a job may simply appear to take longer than normal since it would not be formally accepted until your processing throttle resets. For any custom integration leveraging our OpenAPI definition, it is the responsibility of the developer to correctly handle if a job is rejected due to throttling.